Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Apparently, I need a blog...

     Does that title make me sound unwilling to blog?  I do and I don't want to do this.  Don't get me wrong I love writing and using humor but it seems like everyone has a blog.  I'm not one to do what everyone else is doing.  Secondly, with what people want me to blog about there are seemingly an infinite number of blogs like it and Pinterest.  I'm just another voice in the crowd.  So what's my schtick?  I've got a medium sized family of 6 and a very organized home.  Yup, that's it.   It's not perfect but it's perfectly normal.  I've got 4 boys and any one of them could be swinging from the chandelier, dressed as a superhero, complaining a sibling hit them in a private part at any given moment.  Sound like your house?  It's normal.  Despite the organized chaos of telethons for sick stuffed animal and forts consisting of every pillow and cushion I own, stuff gets done.  The house looks fine, stove is clean, laundry put away, and nothing is lost.  Crazy, huh?  This is where my friends beg me to impart my wisdom and blog.  Okay, I can chat and share.  I love coming up with new ways to organize, inventing recipes to try on my patient & willing family, and making things clean.  Let me clarify, I don't love cleaning but I enjoy the before and after.  There is something about taking a stove that looks like it went through a food fight and making it like new.  I know, I'm weird.  That's the kind of thing I'll be blogging about; making life easier, short cuts, fun recipes, time managing, etc.  So let me iron out the bumps and learn how to 'blog'.  I've got a lot of things to share but I'm willing to post anything you'd like my ideas on.