Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Tips

Make a quick pie crust by blending soft bread crumbs in a blender and pressing them down in a pie plate.

Lay adhesive vinyl tile under kitchen and bathroom sinks for some leak protection and to keep it cleaner. These particular tiles were .38 at Lowes.

Apply sunscreen to your kids faces with with a makeup sponge. It gives you more control.

Cover the tops of your cabinets with magazine pages. It will keep the actual cabinet top dust and grease free. Just change the pages every 6-12 months. Much easier than scrubbing.

A spice 'staircase' is a great way to organize your spices. Labeling the top of the jar with a label or paint pen cuts down on constantly picking up each jar to determine the spice.

For the most part, my boys do not like seafood.  My husband and I have had to get creative during lent for meals 4 picky kids will eat.  A lot of my non-Catholic friends do meatless Mondays so this is a good list of ideas for that too. 

Repurpose a crib bumper into a book holder by folding the bumper in half and sewing a seam on one side.  Hang next to the bed or in a reading nook with 3M hooks.

Do you have a big gap in your Christmas tree?  Close it up with cable ties.

Trouble remembering your kids sizes or lots of family and friends asking so they can shop for the holidays?  Print out little business cards with all their info on them; sizes, favorite colors, likes & interests.  Have them handy for your Thanksgiving gathering!

Kids' coats not staying on the hanger?  Slip the end of the hanger through the loop of the tag.

Do your kids get the bathroom floor wet when they take bathes?  Use a clear shower curtain so the water stays in but you can still keep an eye on them.  When they're done, hide the tub with a standard shower curtain.